Wild or Worried: Understanding Arousal

One of our most popular webinars returns on August 18th with a new live Q&A!

*This webinar will be recorded, you will have access to the recording for a year.

Whether your dog is wild or worried, reactive or really out of control, arousal is playing a key role in your dog’s behavior. Suzanne will be focusing on helping you understand arousal – what is productive arousal? when does arousal become too much? how does arousal affect your dog’s ability to think, learn and connect to you? how do you help your dog calm down and get into his Think & Learn Zone?

Arousal is necessary for life, but when there is TOO much arousal, problems arise. Combine this with resilience/adaptability, and your dog can really end up struggling.

Learn about Suzanne’s unique CARAT tool which considers arousal on a bi-directional scale from inhibited to excited. Intense arousal is possible with anxiety and fear, and that may look very different than an intensely aroused dog who is stimulated and activated. Helping the overwhelmed dog can require different techniques than the highly activated dog.

Find out how arousal affects:

  • Balance
  • Awareness
  • Fine motor control
  • Behavior
  • Performance
  • Social interactions
  • Volitional body posture

Join us for a fascinating look at how keeping your dog’s arousal in that sweet spot can make a world of difference to your relationship, training and performance.

This is a replay of a previously recorded webinar, AND Suzanne is doing a new live Q&A session afterwards, so jump in with your questions and enjoy the lively discussion. The recording of the webinar will already be in the course for you to watch ahead of time if you wish. REPLAY at 1pm EST on August 18th.  

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*This webinar will be recorded, you will have access to the recording for a year.

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