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The Enriched Puppy Protocol: Raising Confident, Coordinated & Connected Canines was developed by breeder and trainer Suzanne Clothier to help breeders maximize each puppy’s genetic potential.

EPP provides a detailed roadmap for raising puppies who are physically, mentally and emotionally balanced, and ready to take on life.

Want to know more about helping puppies become the best they can be? Wonder how to polish up the genetic material in your breeding program? Need to understand how every adult dog is the result of what did -- or did not -- happen in puppyhood? This is a fascinating webinar that will provide an overview of Suzanne’s Enriched Puppy Protocol. (Sorry, no puppy breath included!)

We’ll cover:
• Genetics + early developmental experience = temperament
• Development periods and changes in brain, body & behavior
• Critical & sensitive periods
• The 63 day miracle – puppies from birth to 9 weeks
• Age appropriate challenges & enrichment
• Preparing puppies for their transition to new homes

Suzanne has raised 10 generations of her Hawks Hunt German Shepherds, as well as litters of other breeds. Hawks Hunt dogs have been successful in agility, obedience, tracking, nosework, herding, Rally, Search & Rescue and as guide dog breeding stock. Her approach to puppy raising has helped multiple guide & service dog organizations and private breeders raise "the best puppies ever!" EPP has been put to the test with more than 10,000 puppies since 2007.

For breeders, shelters, rescues, and anyone interested in or already involved in raising puppies from birth to 16 weeks, this webinar offers practical ideas for environmental and social enrichment aimed at helping puppies become the best they can be.


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