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Opening September 2023

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Really SEE THE DOG this September

Are you ready to learn how to really see what dogs are showing you? Suzanne Clothier's observation skills are legendary. The late great R.K.Anderson DVM called her, "one of the best observers of dogs that I have ever seen." Suzanne's approach gives you new ways of seeing dogs. Includes 8 modules (two are released every Sunday for 4 weeks), 5 Q&A sessions tenatively scheduled for Thursdays at 11am EST, practice exercises. CEUS pending for KPA, PPAB, IAABC.

  • Accurate observations are at the heart of great training (and great relationships). If you don't really SEE THE DOG, your relationships and training are missing important information dogs need you to know.

  • Learn Suzanne's holistic approach that includes the complete dog - physical, mental and emotional as interactive parts of the whole.

  • Blending techniques from ethology with the practical skills learned in a lifetime with animals, Suzanne's lessons build on each other to develop your skills.


  • How will this course help me be a better trainer?

    Really seeing the dog in front of you is critical to the training decisions you will make with and for that dog. If you work with shy, fearful or aggressive dogs, missing important information can create inhumane or dangerous situations. All dogs need your best observations at work for them.

  • I'm not a professional trainer, but I want to understand dogs better! Is this course suitable for me?

    This course is ideal for anyone who wants to add new ways to observe and understand dogs. Join us!

  • Do I have to take Intro to CARAT before I can take this observation skills course?

    No - while this course is the next step after Intro to CARAT, it and Observation Skills Part 2 are a stand alone series of courses. They are open to anyone interested in learning how to really SEE THE DOG in new ways.

  • Is this course part of the CARAT Certification path?

    Yes, this is the next step after Intro to CARAT. Both Observation Skills Part 1 and Observation Skills Part 2 are requirements for CARAT Certification.

  • What's involved?

    We will release two sessions per week (each about an hour+) plus practice work, plus a live Q&A session with Suzanne (recorded of course for viewing at your convenience) plus a 5th wrap-up Q& A session. The Q&A Sessions are tentatively scheduled for Thursdays at 11am EST. You have access to the course for a full year.

  • How much time do I have to invest in this course?

    Plan on spending 2-4 hours per week watching Suzanne's presentations, plus an hour or so with the Q&A sessions. Multiple observation practice sessions are done in short bursts of time throughout your day, ranging from 30 seconds to 5-10 minutes to complete.

Join us September 2023!

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