A Priceless Opportunity

Take your puppy raising knowledge & skills to the next level with EPP, the amazing puppy-centric program developed by internationally respected trainer Suzanne Clothier, a long time breeder of German Shepherds. This course follows Suzanne as she raises her 11th generation May 2022 litter.

  • Watch

    Real puppies and real people doing the real work of growing and loving. EPP is the program that has informed the early puppyhood programs for thousands of service & guide dog school pups since 2007.

  • Learn

    Focus on one litter as they grow, and learn directly from breeder & trainer Suzanne as she raises this litter. As the litter grows, you'll see the what, when, how and why behind every step in EPP.

  • Discuss & Ask

    Q&A sessions give us a chance to discuss puppies, behavior, and your questions about putting EPP to work in your breeding program. All Q&A sessions recorded and available for you to watch at any time.

63 Days to Build A Foundation for A Lifetime of Difference

Building confident, coordinated & connected canines, one day at a time.

Whether you're raising a purpose bred litter or helping a rescue litter, Suzanne Clothier's Enriched Puppy Protocol helps you provide each puppy with the best possible start in life. The experiences and skills of EPP provide each puppy with an amazing foundation. Preparing a pup for life is the greatest gift of them all! Join us!

What All Puppies Need You to Know

Until now, the Enriched Puppy Protocol has been available to guide and service dog organzations who hired Suzanne Clothier to teach them how to raise confident, coordinated and connected canines. Now you can learn about this amazing program that reflects 11 generations of breeding her own German Shepherds as well as 44+ years of experience as an internationally respected trainer.

  • This program is for breeders and trainers eager to learn how to help all puppies become the very best they can be. Whether purpose-bred, foster/rescue/shelter, wheher it's your first litter or your last, EPP will help you give each pup their best foundation for life.

  • Included are online course materials, the complete materials - EPP workbook and worksheets (PDF), and the Enriched Puppy Protocol webinar. You may print out the materials for your own use, and will have access to the online course for a full year.

  • Monthly Zoom meetings & an EPP discussion group give you a way to ask questions, share your experiences (and puppies!). All Zoom meetings are recorded and available for you to watch or review at a convenient time for you.

  • Daily puppy videos provide the behind-the-scenes info only available in this course.

  • Shelter/Rescue full scholarship available for an employee of a 501C3 non-profit organization. Contact us for details.

What people say about EPP . . .

“Suzanne changed forever our early puppy program forever. Our puppies are leaving the breeding center far more equipped and ready to head out in to the world with our volunteers better then every! Our success of our program has been enhanced beyond ever imagining.”

Yvonne Martin, Guide Dogs of America

“I unexpectedly found myself preparing to raise an entire litter of puppies that I hoped would become happy, healthy souls that could thrive in a fickle human world. I signed up for her online Enriched Puppy Protocol (EPP) and none too soon; my Tijuana street rescue gave birth not long thereafter. Nothing in my life with animals challenged me as much emotionally, as sometimes physically, as raising seven Malinois-GSD-Greyhound mutts from day one. Training one puppy to be mentally and physically balanced is no small feat, multiply that by seven! Suzanne’s EPP was an essential guide that I referred to countless times, providing not only practical guidance and well-researched biological information, but also a perspective that fueled an effective and compassionate learning process for my high energy pups. I discovered that her practical knowledge from years if raising infant puppies combined with her extensive behavioral experience made her a virtual unicorn. Whether you are an experienced behaviorist or a new puppy parent, I cannot recommend Suzanne’s instructional resources highly enough. I guarantee you won’t regret the investment, and neither will your canine kids.”

Renee Owens, ethologist & conservation biologist

“Our dog trainer Pat Rapaport of Hole in the Wall Dog Training in Morehead City, NC suggested we follow your EPP raising our pups. I wanted to let you know that the pups are doing FANTASTIC. They traveled on a 12 hour car ride last week, stopping three times for potty breaks and to eat. They didn't whine or mess in the crate once. They are adapting well to new environments and our second home in Pennsylvania (including first time seeing snow!), and have been handled by kids as young as 2 years old and adults. They seem to be resilient, curious and ready to take on the world. It has been a lot of work, but the results are amazing!”

Randy Stark

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Enriched Puppy Protocol

    • How to use this course

  • 2

    Monthly Meetings

    • Please join the EPP discussion group!

    • Monthly Meeting Schedule and Registration Links

    • Q&A - September 15, 2022 - 10am EST

    • Q&A - October 20, 2022 - 10am EST

    • Q&A - November 17, 2022 - 10am EST

    • Q&A - December 15, 2022 - 10am EST

    • Q&A - January 19, 2023 - 10am EST

    • Q&A - February 16, 2023- 10am EST

    • Q&A - September 15, 2022 - Recorded

  • 3

    Chapter #1

    • About the Enriched Puppy Protocol

    • The Enriched Puppy Protocol Webinar

    • Enriched Puppy Protocol PDF

    • More Than Genetics

    • Critical & Sensitive Periods

    • Building the Reference Library

    • Age Appropriate

    • Challenges and Neurons

  • 4

    Chapter #2

    • Helpful or Harmful? The Sweet Spot for Stimuli

    • Recommendations vs. Available Resources

    • Desired Outcome and Goals

    • Beuchat: 10 Most Important Things to Know About Hip Dysplasia

  • 5


    • WEEKLY PLAN Day 1 through 13

    • WEEKLY PLAN Day 14 through 20

    • WEEKLY PLAN Day 21 through 27

    • WEEKLY PLAN Day 28 through 34

    • WEEKLY PLAN Day 35 through 41

    • WEEKLY PLAN Day 42 through 48

    • WEEKLY PLAN Day 49 through 55

    • WEEKLY PLAN Day 56 through 63


  • 6

    0 to 21 Days

    • DEVELOPMENT: Birth to 21 Days

    • Weighing the Puppies

    • RECORDING CHART: First Seen Behaviors

    • Daily Stimulation

    • Key Behaviors and Changes

    • ACTIVITIES: Birth to 21 Days

    • New People

    • Reflexes

    • Strong Joints - One Step at a Time

    • Puppy Bottle Feeding & Stomach Capacity Chart (Maddie's Fund)

    • Recommended Products and Supplies

  • 7

    Daily Puppy Breath - 0 to 21 Days

    • Welcome

    • Introduction

    • Day One

    • Day Two

    • Day Three

    • Day Four

    • Day Five

    • Day Six

    • Day Seven

    • Day Eight

    • Day Nine

    • Day Ten

    • Day Eleven and Twelve

    • Day Thirteen

    • Day Sixteen

    • Day Seventeen

    • Day Eighteen

    • Day Nineteen

    • Day Twenty

  • 8

    Week Three

    • What to Expect

    • Key behaviors and changes

    • Group Activities

    • Individual Activities

  • 9

    Week Four

    • Key behaviors and changes - Four Weeks

    • Group Activities

    • Individual Activities

    • Physical/Environmental Challenges

    • Specific challenges to offer daily

    • Friendly Fidos

    • Follow Me Begins

  • 10

    Daily Puppy Breath - Week Four

    • Day Twenty-Two

    • Day Twenty-Three

    • Day Twenty-Four

    • Day Twenty-Five

    • Day Twenty-Six

    • Day Twenty-Seven

    • Day Twenty-Eight

  • 11

    Week Five

    • What to Expect

    • Key Behavioral Changes

    • Group Activities

    • Visual Stimulation

    • Continue

    • Problem Solving

    • Individual Activities

  • 12

    Daily Puppy Breath - Week Five

    • Day Twenty-Nine

    • Day Thirty

    • Day Thirty-One

    • Day Thirty-Two

    • Day Thirty-Three

    • Day Thirty-Four

    • Day Thirty-Five

  • 13

    Week Six

    • What to Expect

    • Continue and Add

    • Visual Stimulation

  • 14

    Daily Puppy Breath - Week Six

    • Day Thirty-Six

    • Day Thirty-Seven

    • Day Thirty-Eight

    • Day Thirty-Nine

    • Day Forty

    • Day Forty-One

    • Day Forty-Two

  • 15

    Week Seven and Eight

    • What to Expect

    • Continue and Add

    • Loose Leash Walking

  • 16

    Daily Puppy Breath - Week Seven and Eight

    • Day Forty-Three

    • Day Forty-Four

    • Day Forty-Five

    • Day Forty-Six

    • Day Forty-Seven

    • Day Forty-Eight

    • Day Forty-Nine

    • Day Fifty-One

    • Day Fifty-two and Fifty-three

    • Day Fifty-Four

    • Day Fifty-Five

    • Day Fifty-Six

  • 17

    Daily Puppy Breath - Week Nine and Beyond

    • Day Fifty-Seven

    • Day Fifty-Eight

    • Day Fifty-Nine

    • Day Sixty

    • Day Sixty-One

    • Day Sixty-Five

    • Day Sixty-Eight

  • 18

    Virtual Puppy Breath (aka Q&As from when the litter was being raised)

    • Week One - Sunday Meeting Recorded

    • Week One - Tuesday Meeting Recorded

    • Week Two - Sunday Meeting Recorded

    • Week Two - Tuesday Meeting Recorded

    • Week Three - Sunday Meeting Recorded

    • Week Three - Recorded Tuesday Meeting

    • Week Four - Sunday Meeting Recorded

    • Week Four - Tuesday Meeting Recorded

    • Week Five - Sunday Meeting Recorded

    • Week Five - Tuesday Meeting Recorded

    • Week Six - Sunday Meeting Recorded

    • Week Six - Tuesday Meeting Recorded

    • Week Seven - Sunday Meeting Recorded

    • Week Seven - Tuesday Meeting

    • Week Eight - Sunday Meeting Recorded

    • Week Eight - Tuesday Meeting Recorded

    • Week Nine - Sunday Meeting Recorded

    • Week Nine - Tuesday Meeting Recorded


Register any time, and learn at your own pace. EPP discussion group and monthly meetings help you share and learn with others.

The complete EPP Breeder Coaching Package

Looking for more intensive one-on-one coaching? Put Suzanne's expertise to work for you & your breeding program with the EPP Breeder Coaching Package ($1250) which includes this course plus 6 hours of consultation via Zoom